Halloween The Great


Halloween, why it’s so damn great!
Every October 31st we get to enjoy one of the greatest holidays on the calendar, Halloween! Why is it so great ? Well I will tell you. Halloween is so damn great because even us adults actually get to have fun for once, and bullying is gone out the window, we actually get to scare kids to tears. I know it sounds sad and pathetic but down the road they will thank you, as little Jimmy (who is now 18) did last year when he walked up to me and said “Shaun The Great, thank you for fake murdering my family when I was a kid and making me sleep in the cemetery the entire night, you really showed me what the Halloween spirit is all about.” He’s not the only one who has came forward, little April (who is now 20) came up to me in the grocery store yesterday and said to me “Shaun The Great, thank you so much for putting laxatives in my candy when I was 12 and making me think I was poisoned and going to die, you really know what Halloween is all about!”


I tend to give only certain holidays the title of “Great” and Halloween deserves it. One way to scare kids is to show them my level of greatness and their level and tell them they will never be as great as me and laugh in their face, with just that quick slap of reality they usually end up crying or ask me if I’m lying, which of course as you all know by now, that’s not the case. I can’t help that some of these kids will grow up to be nothing more than the average citizen, so I try to show them, and I just figured Halloween would be the best time of the year, I know it sure would scare me if someone told me that I was going to wake up tomorrow just an average guy, I have no idea what I would do.


Anyway’s enough about me, let’s talk Halloween, movies in particular, my all time favorite horror franchise is “Friday The 13th”, pure greatness! Coming in second and third would be “A Nightmare On Elm St” and “Halloween”. I do however like classics like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Leprechaun”, “House”, and there’s a newer film that I have recently classified as great and that would be “Hatchet” and it’s sequel “Hatchet 2” both starring Kane Hodder most commonly known for portraying Jason in the “Friday The 13th” franchise. Grab these films and hold on for a great wet ride…and that wetness won’t be water…if you catch my drift……..




The Great One


-Shaun The Great