So Great I Can Smell It…

I’m Great. I know it. You are not. And that you do not know.
Until now.
You See I was walking earlier when I saw a person coming at me on the other side of the sidewalk. I was assuming they would move over and let me pass by but unfortunately they did not and therefore we ran into one another, shoulder to shoulder. So this brings to my attention, if I can sense my greatness, how come other’s cannot ? There’s you something to think about and when you come up with an answer please let me know!

Now back onto other great things. I do not use soap showering unlike you other people because I reek of greatness. But I was in Tiny Tim’s Little Tiny Shopping Mart yesterday and found a soap called Irish Springs. I have never used this soap before due to the fact I do not need soap as stated above. However I decided to grab a bottle for purchase and later on used it in the shower that night, I am now a scent ravaging king. Greener pastors truly are ahead of me. If you have not tried Irish Springs give it a try! And you too can be just like me…I kid… I kid… but you can try!

-Shaun The Great


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