The Introduction


Why am I so great, I don’t know but I’m writing anyway. To amaze the ones who aren’t great. It takes a lot to be great. I’m a great person I must say. All your wives love me, because I’m great. If I wasn’t great I wouldn’t say I was great. My clothes, great, my hair, great, my bod, great. I do not want to impose on those un-great people of the world in which we live but I believe it’s just something I have to do, to help separate the greats from the not-so-greats. People call us greats, superficial, I have no idea of the meaning, but I think it sounds cool so I’m just going to type it right there and leave it. Because I’m great. And I can do that. So let’s move on. What makes someone so great ? Is it their personality ? or is it their wealth ? maybe their looks ? or is it just because they’re just so damn great there’s no denying it on each and every aspect. People come up to me on a daily basis, and ask Mister, how do I become so great ? And I say to them, You can’t be me, I’m great…Motherfucker…


Back in my younger days when I was in school, I use to daydream about what to do with my great self. So I started skipping school on a daily basis since I figured I’m too great for school and there’s no way someone as great as me will be needing an education, due to my greatness of course. If I did drugs they were considered great, if I did the fat and ugly girls, they were considered great, basically anything I ever touched was considered great. So if you wanted some luck with the women, you just came to me and I gave you a great ole shiner before the weekend. In gym class I obviously was too great to run laps around gym class so coach let me work with the rejects and teach them about greatness, something they would never achieve. It was like telling a blind person someday they too will see, knowing deep down, there’s no way in hell their asses are ever going to get their sight back. But it’s the smile that matters.


Shaun The Great, that’s the name I was given at birth in the year of 1986 also commonly known as the greatest year on record. This blog entry is to those who have always wondered what it is like to be great. Well now you all know. It’s not always easy, I mean who wants a crowd of people gathering around them every time they walk out of their house to steal their neighbor’s newspaper ?
However the greatness perk I was born with is something I will cherish forever and remind each and every one of you every day how great it is to be me. Remember greatness is something you are born with so please do not try this at home, it could result in dramatic failure resulting in low self-esteem and or possible self-inflicted injuries. May you all live prosperous even without the greatness.


– Shaun The Great


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